Why do So Few Enter the Strait and Narrow Way? SFW27

5620562This is the 7th sermon in our Spring 2015 Gospel Meeting with Johnie Edwards. In this sermon Bro. Edwards examines the question of why so few people enter the “narrow way” as described by Jesus in Matthew 7:13-14.

Why do so few enter the strait and narrow way?

1.  Because they don’t know the scriptures:  Matthew 22:29,  John 5:39,  Ephesians 3:3, Rev 1:3, Hosea 4:6

2.  Because they put their faith in the wrong place:  I Cor 2:4-5, I Cor 1:19-27

3.  Because they cut off the end of the ham:  Gal 1:13-14

4.  Because they go by their feelings instead of the facts:  Gen 27

5.  Because they believe a lie:  2 Thessalonians 2:10, I Kings 12:28, I Kings 13, I Timothy 4

6.  Because they have a heart problem:  Luke 8:11

7.  Because they don’t know how to rightly divide the Bible:  2 Tim 2:15, Joshua 6, Gal 6:2

8. Because they don’t know how the Bible teaches:  Acts 2:38, Acts 14:23, Matthew 3:16, Genesis 1:1

9. Because they don’t ask any questions:  Acts 8:30-31

10. Because they think God is too good to allow anyone to be lost:  Romans 11:22, I Cor 10:1-12, Rev 20:12-15