The Real Solution to our National Security – SFW11

In Lesson 3 from the Gospel Meeting Greg Gwin discusses the state of our nation.   Will our nation continue to prosper on it’s current course?  Greg reviews examples from the Bible of God’s dealings with the nations and makes application to our country today.  Listen as Greg gives practical suggestions on what we can do to be the examples we ought to be to a sinful world.

To listen to the sermon simply click the play button above.  You can also listen to the other sermons from our Gospel Meeting:

  1. Is the Testimony Of The Eyewitnesses Credible?
  2. Why Are You Here?
  3. The Real Solution To Our National Security
  4. Dealing With Temptation
  5. Better Play It Safe
  6. 5 Keys to Understanding the Book of Revelation
  7. It is God’s Will That You Should be Sanctified
  8. What Paul ‘Saw’ While He Was Blind

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