What Makes a Church Grow? – SFW26

5620562This is the sixth lesson of our Gospel Meeting with Johnie Edwards.  In this lesson Bro. Edwards presents six requirements for the growth of a local church.

Churches grow when:

1)  You put the seed in the soil.  (Luke 8:11-15,  Haggai 2:19)

2) The church practices discipline.  (Acts 5:9-11, 14)

3)  The local church does it’s own work.  (Acts 6:1-6)

4)  When the church as peace.  (Acts 9:31)

5)  Get rid of the filth!  (Acts 19:19-20)

6)  When God’s decrees are kept.  (Acts 16:4-5,  2 Timothy 4:1-5)