Welcome to the
Westwood Church of Christ

We are a congregation of Christians who just seek to follow God’s will as we find it in the New Testament. Welcome to our site.  Here you can read Bible articles and listen to audio sermons.  If you are in the Tullahoma area, we would welcome your visit. You can find our times of services and a map in the menu above.

Until further notice our meeting times in the building will be:

Sunday:   9:00 AM Bible Study
                 10:00 AM Worship

Wednesday: 7:00 PM Bible Study

The services will be broadcast to the parking lot and materials provided to allow those who feel at high risk to worship with continued, extra precautions.

Video Lessons

Latest Bible Articles

Burning in Our Hearts

By Stan Mitchell  The boisterous crowd fell silent.  They had gathered in the summer of 1536 to witness an execution, a man burned at the stake.  He was just a little over 40 years old, an Oxford scholar, and a felon facing the death penalty.  So what had he done? All eyes were...
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Is Baptism For Remission Of Sin?

By Jimmy R. Mickells We often encounter or hear of people who simply do not believe that baptism is a part of God’s plan to save man. They usually say that it is a good thing to do, Jesus was baptized you know. It is certainly a good thing to do because the Bible tells us to be...
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What Any Fool Can Do

By Ben May God has a lot to say about fools and foolishness. In fact, some form of the word “fool” is used 189 times in the King James Version of the Bible. In our society, we have several expressions about being a fool. One of them is “I’m nobodies...
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By Greg Gwin in Biblical Insights, Vol. 5, No. 7, July, 2005 God never instructed alien sinners to pray for forgiveness of sins.Many variations exist to the so-called “sinner’s prayer.” Most of these include a confession of faith in Jesus, an acknowledgement of...
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